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When Someone Expected
the Very Best of Me


Relating to Others


To have students describe an incident in which someone had high expectations of them and the to explore ways in which the expectations of others influence their behavior.


Our session for today is all about expectations. The topic is, “When Someone Expected the Very Best of Me.” Can you think of a time when you were expected to do your very best at something? This incident may have occurred a long time ago or very recently, and it may involve any kind of situation. You might have been expected to perform well in an athletic event, a game, some kind of project or assignment you were involved in at school, or something you were doing with your friends. The important thing to consider is how you were affected by the person who expected you to do your best. Did you feel good about this person’s faith in you, or was the pressure uncomfortable? Maybe you felt both ways at the same time. Take a minute to think it over and, if you will, tell us what happened and how you felt. The topic for today’s session is, “When Someone Expected the Very Best of Me.”

Key questions:

— How did most of us perform when someone expected us to do well?
— When someone expects a person to do poorly, what generally happens? Why?
— What have you learned about how people influence each other from this session?

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