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Someone I Know Who Is an Accepting Person


Relating to Others


To have students describe the positive qualities of people they know whose behavior is nonjudgmental and nonevaluative, and explore the positive feelings that accepting people inspire in them.


Our topic for today is, “Someone I Know Who Is an Accepting Person.” One of the interesting things about knowing an accepting person is that you usually feel good when you’re around him or her. Do you know why? An accepting person lets you be you and accepts all the things you are — your strengths and your weaknesses. He or she doesn’t judge you, doesn’t stereotype you, and doesn’t label you.

Think of such a person in your life — someone who accepts you just the way you are. This person might be a parent, friend, teacher, brother or sister, doctor — anyone you know. What does this person do or say that causes you to feel accepted? How do you feel about this person? Take a minute to think about it. The topic is, “Someone I Know Who Is an Accepting Person.”

Key questions:

— What are some ways that people show acceptance?
— How do you act when you are around a person who is nonjudgmental?
— What is the opposite of accepting? How do you act when you are around someone who is unaccepting?

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