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I Felt Like Putting Someone Down, But Didn’t


Self-Awareness, Relationships, Conflict Resolution


To help students take responsibility for their feelings and actions and describe positive ways of handling negative feelings


Today, we’re going to talk about times when we were annoyed or upset or angry with someone and we wanted to say something to hurt or get back at the person, but instead used self-control and either said something that wasn’t hurtful or said nothing at all. The topic is, “I Felt Like Putting Someone Down, But Didn’t.”

Can you remember such a time? Perhaps a person was really annoying you or was doing something bad. Maybe you had a strong urge to speak to the person in an angry or mean way, but you stopped yourself. Instead, you may have told the person how you felt in a calm, assertive way. Or you may have decided not to say anything at all. Think it over. If you want to tell us about a time like this, explain what happened without mentioning the other person’s name. The topic is, “I Felt Like Putting Someone Down, But Didn’t.”

Key questions:

— What did you do to prevent yourself from putting the other person down?
— What are some better ways of handling anger or annoyance than using put-downs?
— How is a put-down a sign of disrespect? Is it possible to put someone down respectfully? Why not?

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