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A Way I Earned Something and What I Did With It


Decision Making and Problem Solving


To have students describe a way they earned money or another reward, and to have them discuss various means of earning money and other rewards.


Today let’s talk about, “A Way I Earned Something and What I Did With It.” Think about a time when you completed some kind of work and earned something for it (not necessarily money). Maybe you did some work around your home and earned the privilege of a weekend completely free of chores, and you spent most of your free weekend at a friend’s house. Perhaps you earned extra money babysitting or taking care of a neighbor’s pet, and spent the money at a theme park or bought some new clothes. Was the work you did your idea, or did someone else ask you to do it? How did you feel after you earned something for your efforts? Were you motivated to do it again? Give it some thought and, if you decide to share, tell us how you earned and spent money or something else. The topic is, “A Way I Earned Something and What I Did With It.”

Key questions:

— Did you get any new ideas about ways to earn money, or other things, from this session? What were they?
— Would you rather earn money or something else, such as food? Why?
— What are the advantages of earning money instead of something more specific?

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