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Someone Handled a Problem Differently Than
I Would Have


Decision Making and Problem Solving


To have students describe how individuals handle problems and manage areas of their lives in different ways and to identify some of the benefits of keeping an open mind when confronted with differences in others.


Today we’re going to discuss the topic, “Someone Handled a Problem Differently Than I Would Have.” Discovering new things about the people we know makes them interesting to us. We learn the different ways they think and how they react to certain situations. Sometimes the things we observe in others help us change and grow. Think of a time when you observed someone handling a problem very differently than you would have handled it. Maybe a friend was trying to fix something, and he or she went about it in a way that really surprised or puzzled you. Or perhaps a person you know had a problem involving strong emotions and controlled or expressed those feelings in a very unusual way — at least to your way of thinking. Think about it for a few moments. The topic is, “Someone Handled a Problem Differently Than I Would Have.”

Key questions:

— Why do people respond to problems differently?
— The famous Italian film director, Frederico Fellini, once said, “Accept me as I am; only then will we discover each other.” What do you think he meant?
— What happens to us if we close our minds to ideas and ways of behaving that are different from our own?

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