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Promoting the Social and Emotional well-being of children, teens, and adults


The Innerchoice Story

Our story began over 20 years ago when Innerchoice Publishing first came into existence.  The centerpiece of this fledgling company was the Magic Circle Process, itself over twenty years of age.  Using the fundamentals of this process, Innerchoice created the Sharing Circle strategy to facilitate growth in the areas of social interaction, awareness, and mastery.

As time went by, our commitment to educators flowed into an emerging area which today is referred to as Social and Emotional Learning. 

There have been many pioneers in this work, and Innerchoice is proud to have been among them.

In 1998, Innerchoice merged its operations with Jalmar Press, and together presented educators with over 100 books and resource guides designed for use with K-12 students. 

This was a major move for Innerchoice that culminated in 2005 when Jalmar and Innerchoice sold their intellectual properties to PRO-ED, Inc.

Now, in 2011, Innerchoice is once again taking a place in the educational publishing world.  When Innerchoice opened its doors all those years ago, it was already providing educators with incredible resources that, even though the term was not yet widely used, aimed squarely at Social and Emotional Learning. 

The Magic Circle, forebear to today’s Sharing Circle, was already producing amazing results in what was to become known as the world of EQ or Emotional Intelligence.  Ahead of its time, the Sharing Circle is today the EQ Super Strategy. 

With all this history here’s what we’re up to today:

Through all the years that Innerchoice has been publishing books and curriculum materials in the social-emotional realm, we’ve focused on providing educators with the finest, most readily usable and effective materials in this specialized, but expanding domain. 

This web site takes us into a new era of interactive communication with those who have been, continue to be, and are yet to be our customers.  This is a new way to connect.  It will not replace the old ways of communicating, but it certainly adds a new and more dynamic way for all of us to join together as a family of like-minded people who care about the importance of both academic and social-emotional competence and personal well being.

This web site is an expression of the concern and our commitment to do all that we can to serve those who work with audiences for whom our materials have ultimately been created.

Of course, we want to hear from you and will welcome your insights, comments, and suggestions.  But, why stop there.  Email and phone conversations are great; however, as far as we’re concerned, face-to-face meetings are even better.  So, let’s get together.  We are participating in conferences and other gatherings all over the country.   We’ll keep you advised as things are added to our calendar.  We’d love to meet and talk with you so that we can learn from what you share with us and so that you can find out what Innerchoice can do to support your efforts. 

There is no question that huge challenges lay before us, but our hope is that we can have our journey into the future be one of that we can enjoy together while producing the outcomes we all want for those with whom we work.

And once again, Welcome to Innerchoice!

More About Innerchoice

What We Believe

We at Innerchoice Publishing believe that every one of us makes a difference.  Every behavior produces an effect; as individuals, we either add or subtract.  Collectively, we impact the planet.  Overwhelming evidence, including scientific research findings, demonstrates that the effects of social and emotional learning on students will result in a higher likelihood that they will add, contribute, and learn.  This is why the development of emotional literacy has become a specific goal for many educators and schools.

What We Do

Innerchoice Publishing is a prime contributor to this arena and has been developing social-emotional learning activities, books, and trainings for over 20 years.  Our developmentally appropriate materials give kids a safe, supervised way to develop self- and social awareness, to learn self-management, and social skills, and personal social, and ethical responsibility.

How We Do It

Through the selection of books on our site, you’ll be able to choose the areas of social and emotional learning you are interested in teaching and helping your students learn and put into practice.  All of our books contain highly effective prevention and intervention strategies, use active forms of learning, and focus on and explicitly target specific social-emotional skills.


Our Commitment to You

For over twenty years Innerchoice Publishing has held to a single standard—that of bringing to you the very finest in materials to serve your needs and those of your students.  Today we still hold to this commitment.

We are committed to even more than this.  As we move forward, the materials we develop and publish will be the products of our collaborations with you.  We will listen to all the ideas and creative thoughts that emerge from your world and build them into the fabric of our materials.

We are committed to the belief that Social and Emotional Learning is essential to the growth and success of everyone.  To this end we are committed to continue giving you the value educators have come to expect form Innerchoice Publishing.

In short, as our Mission Statement declares—We are in the business of promoting the Social and Emotional well being of children, teens, and adults.

We Believe in Counselors!

Some say that counselors are an endangered species. We believe that schools which substantially reduce or eliminate counseling services are in even greater danger—in danger of losing one of their most valuable resources—at risk of losing their very heart.

Counselors hold the keys to some of the most vital, sought-after, "basic" skills that people of any age can develop. In a lifetime many individuals never acquire these skills, yet counselors have the power to teach them to children and teens.

Counselors help students feel comfortable in the school environment, develop positive self-concepts, and rediscover the motivation to learn. Counselors enhance open communication and promote cooperative work skills. Counselors provide training in life skills, help students identify career futures that await them, and prepare students to deal with change.

As a counselor, please know that we are dedicated to helping you preserve and expand your vital role. Look for the most current resources and valuable tools here.


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