Help Kids Take Charge of Stress to Build School Success


101 Life Skills Discussion Topics

David Cowan & Susanna Palomares

Make a difference in the lives of your students – one discussion at a time.
You’ll find it easy to start kids talking and sharing with this collection of powerful, student-centered discussion topics. This proven interactive process for students grades 4 through 12 will bring focus to vital life skills in the following areas:

• Self-Awareness
• Feelings and Wellness
• Relating to Others
• Learning and Creativity
• Decision Making and Problem Solving
• Taking Responsibility and Acting Assertively.

With these fully-developed discussion topics at hand you can tailor the conversations you have with students to optimize learning and to make the greatest impact as an education professional. Includes suggestions for topic introductions to spark student thinking along with multiple discussion questions to get them to expand their thoughts and focus on significant learnings. The entire process gets kids talking face-to-face about real, meaningful, and important issues

The book also provides the teacher and/or counselor with detailed background information and a solid theory base, plus comprehensive instructions in the Sharing Circle process.





Primary Subject Area – Life Skills

Grades 4–12, 132 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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