Deepen Self Understanding with All About Me


All About Me
Reproducible Activity Sheets to Develop Self-Awareness, Self-Concept,
and Life Skills in Your Students


Susanna Palomares

Self-awareness and self-concept are critical areas in the development of social-emotional learning.  When children know themselves and feel good about who they are they are capable of higher performance and achievement in all areas.  In this book you will find 85 instantly usable activity pages providing writing prompts covering a wide range of experiences, beliefs, dreams and concerns allowing your students the opportunity to learn about themselves in many dimensions.  Because writing is structured, systematic, and follows specific rules it requires students to organize, integrate, and analyze their thoughts in a way that is more meaningful to learning and self-development than simply thinking or fantasizing.  The very act of writing helps thoughts come together in a coherent manner allowing students to capture insights, find meaning and grow in self awareness.

You can use each reproducible page alone or enlisted as a supplement to other
SEL strategies you are currently using.  They are organized around several building blocks of self-awareness and self-concept: identity, belonging, purpose, and competence.  The important life skills of problem solving, decision making and goal setting are given special attention through a series of sequential activity sheets.

This is a valuable resource for anyone working with kids in grades 3-6. And kids love these fun and thought provoking activity sheets.


Primary Subject Area – Self Understanding

Grades 2-6, 96 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducible activities

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