Expand Social Skills with Caring and Capable Kids


Caring and Capable Kids
A Social Skills Activity Guide for Teaching Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, and Self-Control


Linda Williams, Dianne Schilling & Susanna Palomares

Current research is establishing the importance of teaching such social-emotional skills as kindness, tolerance, respect, empathy, responsibility, self-control, and cooperation.  Because of neuroplasticity – the fact that repeated experiences shape the brain, the more a child practices these essential life skills the stronger the underlying circuits for these skills become.   The group activities, short stories, reproducible experience sheets and thought provoking discussion questions  provided in this outstanding book address qualities inherent in caring people along with important skills that make a person capable. 

Use these easy to implement pro-social experiences to encourage your kids to see other points of view,  to consider the thoughts, feelings and needs of others, and develop a repertoire of how to show care, concern, and empathy while acting in accordance with the principles of tolerance, respect, and responsibility.   Learning how emotions work, and how to get along with others, are necessary elements of being a good citizen and can simply make your students better learners.

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Primary Subject Area – Character

Grades K-8, 202 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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