See Character Grow with Guided Discussions for Developing Character


Sharing Circles: Guided Discussions for Developing Character


Susanna Palomares & David Cowan

Sharing Circles: Guided Discussions for Developing Character has been created to provide educators and youth leaders with a simple and easily implemented means of infusing character development and its related skills into the school day.

What better way to develop character in your students than by involving them in relevant discussions about ethics and moral reasoning?  Sharing Circles are a character development super-strategy, and this book is filled with these powerful and versatile counseling tools that will help your students learn the value of virtue and how to develop and draw on inner reserves of moral conviction.

You'll have at your fingertips a wide range of character development traits all ready for you to get your students involved in meaningful discussion and reflection. Each character topic has the ability to get students sharing and learning on a deep level about character and other important life issues.

Because character is demonstrated in the simple elements of everyday life, when you and your students discuss something like “A Good Choice That I’m Glad I Made,” or “Something Nice I Did For A Friend,” you are touching on character in all its dimensions and nuances.  You are able to view, reflect on, and learn character through connecting it to everyday thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Therefore, this book provides a wide variety of topics, some dealing directly with a recognized character trait and others getting at character through an indirect approach.  The character connections come about through the responses of the students both in the sharing phase and as they answer the key questions and engage in discussion.

Primary Subject Area – Character

Grades 3-8, 128 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Table of Contents
Sharing Circle Overview | Rules | Leading | Theory
Sharing Circle Topics | Why Educate for Character?  

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