Discover the EQ Super Strategy in The Sharing Circle Handbook


The Sharing Circle Handbook
Social-Emotional Learning Topics for Teaching Self-Awareness, Communication, and Social Skills


Susanna Palomares, Sandy Schuster, and Cheryl Watkins

You’ll find Sharing Circles to be an ideal tool to engage your students in meaningful discussions that teach them about life, school, themselves and getting along with others.  Since verbal interaction is a key avenue to maintaining well-being and enhancing social and emotional learning, Sharing Circles provide you a practical and effective way to foster growth within your students in these critically important areas.

As your students talk and relate to each other (and you) verbally during the Sharing Circle sessions they are naturally practicing oral communication and learning important listening skills.  Through insight developed in the course of pondering and discussing meaningful topics, students are offered the opportunity to grow in awareness and learn to understand their feelings, direct their thoughts, and control their behaviors.  Through the positive experience of give and take they learn about effective modes of social interaction.  It’s through this powerful, structured process that your students will gain regular practice in the use of valuable communication skills while relevant life issues are being discussed and important social and emotional concepts learned.

In addition to this valuable collection of over 100 meaningful topics The Sharing Circle Handbook provides you with:

  • step-by-step guidelines for leading Sharing Circles
  • clear introductions for effectively engaging students in each topic
  • meaningful questions that foster reflection and higher level thinking
  • an in depth presentation of the rules that create emotional safety and encourage empathy and social-skill development
  • a complete introduction to Sharing Circle theory, objectives and benefits
  • guidelines for developing student leadership
  • frequently asked questions
  • additional tips and strategies for Sharing Circle leaders


Primary Subject Area – Emotional Intelligence

Grades K-12, 182 pages, 6 x 9, paperback

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Sharing Circle Overview | Rules | Leading | Theory  

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