Activities for Counseling Underachievers


Activities for Counseling Underachievers


Jeanne C. Bleuer, Susanna Palomares & Garry Walz

Conventional wisdom has it that the way to achieve more is to study harder—put in longer hours and avoid the distraction of other people. Research suggests something different—study smarter, not necessarily harder, and use others as a support group. This book provides all the tools you'll need to help students improve both their perceptions of themselves as achievers and their ability to apply effective learning strategies. Because everything is reproducible, just one book allows you to work with any number of students.

Students determine what's right about their achievement and where they can make improvements by completing and scoring the . They check their interpretative and prescriptive skills against
26 critical achievement factors and also by discussing and problem solving using relevant Simulated Case Histories. They further enhance their abilities and motivation to achieve by participating in Individual and Group activities.

For your effective and easy use this book includes the following, all of which are reproducible:

  • Achievement Potential Survey student questionnaire
  • Achievement Potential Survey summary answer sheet
  • Directions for scoring the Achievement Potential Survey
  • Directions for analyzing and interpreting the Achievement Potential Survey
  • Guidelines for Developing a Student Action Plan
  • Achievement Potential Follow-Up Survey and Summary Sheet
  • Simulated Problem-Solving Case Histories for student discussion and reflection
  • Over 20 Group Activities teaching such important factors as:
    • Building positive support groups
    • Understanding rules
    • Strategies for reducing anger
    • Attentive listening
    • Problem-solving and decision making
    • Planning and goal attainment
    • Improving study habits
    • Time management
    • Positive self talk

Primary Subject Area – Counseling

Grades 5-12, 120 pages, 6 x 9, paperback

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