What to Do When Crisis Occurs


The Crisis Counseling Guidebook


Carol Clarke & Virginia Vanderway

Helping children and teens during and after a crisis situation requires a cool head, a caring heart, and a specialized body of knowledge and skills. Crisis intervention skills are becoming indispensable as the number of crisis incidents increases.

Be prepared for all possibilities when a crisis does occur. Recognize the wide range of emotional and behavioral responses – and know how to provide needed support. This indispensible guidebook, created by two veteran crisis counselors, looks at issues and provides the answers you need to give helpful support to students and staff alike.

Contents include:

❖ Guidelines for effective crisis response
❖ Unique features of crisis counseling
❖ How to assess a crisis situation
❖ Self-care during and after a crisis
❖ Individual and group crisis counseling strategies and activities
❖ Tips on Psychological first aid
❖ Developmental differences in response to crisis
❖ Tips for parents
❖ Sample management forms, announcements, and letters
❖ Quick reference charts

Also includes guidance on dealing with specific crisis situations: Death and Loss Suicide, Natural Disasters Deployment to War, Violence and Gang Disturbances, Kidnapping/Abductio,Terrorist/ Hostage Situations


Primary Subject Area – Counseling

All Ages, 120 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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