Reduce Student Risk with Don't Get Hooked


Don't Get Hooked
Tobacco Awareness and Prevention Activities


David Cowan & Susanna Palomares

Don’t Get Hooked is a new and vital resource for educators who are working to help young people build the skills and develop the strength to avoid becoming hooked on tobacco. It can be the heart of a stand alone tobacco intervention or used as a powerful supplement to strengthen any other program that you may have in place. Because of its ease of use, its activities fit well into either the classroom or into counseling or other groups. High impact, simple to use, and flexibility sum up Don’t Get Hooked.

Here you’ll find current information about this drug and a collection of the best and simplest activities to engage kids in the hard facts about tobacco use while creating the resiliency and determination necessary to avoid getting involved.

The book is broken into four sections each designed to create awareness and build the skills kids will need to fall back on when confronting the powerful temptations to begin or continue tobacco use.

Since tobacco is simply the delivery system for nicotine, the first section is devoted to learning about nicotine, the implications of addiction, and what tobacco and tobacco use really is all about. The second section deals with the influences of media that play out in the lives of young people. The third section is dedicated to resistance and refusal skills. These are the skills that need to be continually developed and reinforced as kids move through childhood, into adolescence, and on into young adulthood.

At the end of each section, you will find a Learning Summary that can be used to measure new knowledge that students have accumulated by having participated in the activities. The Learning Summary can also be used as a pre- and post-evaluation to compare where students’ prior knowledge compared to the new things they have acquired as a consequence of the activities in which they have participated.


Primary Subject Area – Prevention

Grade 5-12, 106 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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