Expand Social Skills with Everybody Wins!


Everybody Wins!
100 Games That Teach Social-Emotional Skills


Dianne Schilling & Terri Akin

Games are a powerful way of developing emotional Intelligence (social emotional learning) in young people.  The 100 games in this valuable resource encourages students to learn and practice such important skills as taking turns, sharing, controlling behavior and thoughts, managing negative feelings, responsibility and cooperation while interacting in fun, just, and respectful ways.   These spirited and involving games also encourage motivation of self and others and learning what it takes to be an effective, contributing part of a team.  The natural desire for children to have fun and play with others provides the perfect learning laboratory for encouraging inclusion, cooperation, and full participation.

Help your students learn important skills and develop new attitudes about competition and winning and losing while experiencing the immediacy and hands-on involvement of fun games.


Primary Subject Area – Social Skills

All Ages, 151 pages, 6 x 9, paperback

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