Broaden Social Skills with Getting Along


Getting Along
Social-Skills Activities for Middle and High School Students


Dianne Schilling

For students to truly get along they have to develop self-awareness, undertake responsibility for their actions, accept and appreciate differences in others, listen with empathy and understanding, communicate their thoughts and feelings accurately and assertively, include others in their activities, be open to divergent styles and points of view, work together to solve problems and complete projects, and peacefully resolve conflicts.  What’s more, they have to be conscious that they are doing these things and be able to verbalize the reasons and benefits.

The high-impact activities in Getting Along are designed to address these skills in a deliberate, enjoyable fashion and, in the process, elevate the awareness of students to the responsibility that each has to make the classroom or school a cooperative environment where everyone is included and interdependent and where dissent and conflict are dealt with productively.

Getting Along provides you with over 60 involving, relevant activities, discussions, role-plays, games, simulations, Sharing Circles, and reproducible experience sheets all designed to develop:

  • Inclusion, cooperation and interdependence among students
  • Skills for cooperative problem-solving and conflict management
  • Genuine appreciation for the enriching potential of individual differences
  • A cooperative learning environment where kids can learn while participating in relevant experiences


Primary Subject Area – Social Skills

Grade 5-9, 181 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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