Be There for the Kids Who Hurt!


Helping Kids Manage Grief, Fear and Anger


Terri Akin, David Cowan, Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling

Grief, fear, and anger are significant emotions—so weighty, in fact, that they often drive children to think irrational thoughts and engage in unreasonable behaviors. Such responses, left unchecked, can easily spiral into destructive actions. If we want children to succeed in life, we must equip them with the tools to manage all feelings, especially those that are intense and difficult.

These activities, discussions, role plays, simulations, and worksheets are designed to help children explore, understand and express their feelings in safe and acceptable ways. Easy-to-understand explanations coupled with skill practice promote healthy responses to intense and sometimes overwhelming emotions. Children become more centered and focused, communicate more effectively, and demonstrate greater interdependence and understanding.

Use these practical and powerful activities to help children:

  • Understand and successfully cope with grief and loss
  • Learn strategies for effectively dealing with fears and worries
  • Develop practical ways for overcoming irrational fears and anxieties
  • Learn how thoughts impact feelings
  • Discover how to substitute moderate thoughts for anger thoughts
  • Identify feelings that precede or precipitate anger
  • Practice acceptable ways of expressing negative feelings
  • Learn self-control and self-management strategies
  • Learn simple meditation experiences to relieve stress and regain emotional balance


Primary Subject Area – Counseling

Grade 3-8, 116 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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