Build Bridges Using Reaching Out to Immigrant Parents

CoverReaching Out to Immigrant Parents
What Educators Can Do


Cristina Casanova

Parent involvement is an ideal we strongly promote in the United States, but sometimes it takes a lot of encouragement to convince immigrant parents that their participation is desired and valuable.

Welcoming families as vital partners in the school community can create a stimulating learning environment and supports children's healthy development and capacity to learn. Reaching Out to Immigrant Parents offers eye-opening insights into the many challenges that are unique to immigrant families, and it provides multiple ways to encourage and enhance this involvement. 

This valuable resource provides you with clear guidelines, tips, and recommendations for helping immigrant parents participate actively in their children's education and the life of the school.

You'll find specific communication guidelines, comprehensive cultural factors, parent outreach ideas, tips for conducting a parent meeting, suggestions for parent-child activities, and an exciting gamut of ideas that will motivate you to become culturally skilled and to knock down barriers.

Reaching Out to Immigrant Parents will show you how to:

  • Communicate effectively with immigrant parents.
  • Be prepared for the first meeting.
  • Know what questions to ask immigrant parents.
  • Inform parents of your school's expectations.
  • Educate parents regarding the roles of school personnel.
  • Understand different cultures, customs, and values, and how to put that knowledge to use.
  • Find and utilize a cultural broker.
  • Educate parents to routines and experiences at home that will help their children succeed at school.
  • Create effective outreach or enhance other outreach programs.
  • Develop effective ideas for the classroom and counseling.

Primary Subject Area – Counseling

Grades K-12, 100 pages, 6 x 9, paperback

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