Deepen Self Understanding with The Inside Story


The Inside Story
Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness for Kids


Susanna Palomares

Use these thought-provoking prompts to encourage your students to explore their feelings, thoughts, attitudes, values, doubts and dilemmas.  Through the process of reflection, introspection and then writing young people are able to enhance their self-understanding, clarify their values, develop coping skills and aid in the development of positive attitudes.

The Inside Story includes over 85 pages of engaging exercises in writing and drawing.  Use this reproducible book in its entirety, or choose selected pages to build insight and emotional literacy.

Created for use in grades 3 through 9, the topics and questions in this book encourage students to:

  • develop verbal skills, reading comprehension, and written expression
  • cultivate visual thinking and perceiving
  • build self-awareness, insight, self-esteem and emotional intelligence
  • enrich any subject area by drawing on students’ personal experiences
  • help children express and clarify their feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and values

A great resource for educators, parents and youth leaders.

Primary Subject Area – Self Understanding

Grades 3-9, 104 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, exercises, reproducibles

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