Find the Value in Differences with Lessons in Tolerance and Diversity


Lessons in Tolerance and Diversity


Susanna Palomares

As an educator working with young people you exert a powerful influence on their lives, helping them to develop tolerance for differences and an appreciation of diversity.  Lessons in Tolerance and Diversity provides you with easy to use, proactive experiences that encourage harmony and lessen conflict among your students.  This becomes increasingly more important among diverse populations.  Through a variety of experiential activities you'll make meaningful strides in promoting understanding, tolerance and helping your students appreciate people different from themselves.

Each impactful activity provides you with a list of discussion questions designed to stimulate critical thinking, ethical reasoning and dialogue.  The benefits of each activity are maximized when students are given the opportunity to talk about the experience, verbalize their insights and make connections to events and conditions in their lives.  Additionally, many activities are accompanied by enjoying reproducible experience sheets which promote awareness and reflection.

As a bonus, lessons In Tolerance and Diversity conclude with a section containing 20 Sharing Circle topics  – an ideal tool for promoting tolerance and respect for differences.  The Sharing Circle structure, procedure and rules assure every participant equal time, equal consideration, and equal respect and, as implies in the title, Sharing Circles are conducted in Circles, an arrangement which gives every member a position of equality and creates face to face dialogue.

Lessons in Tolerance and Diversity is a must-have guide for all who want to encourage tolerant attitudes among young people.  It includes high-interest activities, stimulating discussions, reproducible experience sheets and Sharing Circles all designed to teach students to:

  • Take pride in who they are and where they come from
  • Appreciate each others cultural and ethnic backgrounds
  • Understand how strength exists in diversity
  • Learn how negative statements can damage a persons feelings, ideas, and enthusiasm as well as block communication
  • Use calming words in stressful situations
  • Understand how different perceptions do not automatically make one person right and another wrong and to consider that every conflict situation has more than one point of view
  • Understand the difference between cooperative and competitive behavior
  • How to consider non-violence as a positive action for conflict resolution
  • Understand the challenges and frustrations of individuals who have disabilities
  • Better understand the nature of prejudice and stereotyping and develop strategies for being tolerant of differences
  • Develop guidelines for noticing, speaking up and taking a stand against acts of prejudice
  • Empathize with the feelings experienced by victims of stereotyping
  • Understand the meaning of justice and to realize that this applies to all people
  • Identify ways to make new friends and understand the effects of cliques on those left out


Primary Subject Area – Tolerance & Diversity

Grades 2-12, 112 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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