This Is A Success Toolkit for Every Teen


Life Skills and Success Tips,
A Teen Handbook

David Cowan & Dianne Schilling

In Life Skills and Success Tips kids are confronted with the reallity that they are ultimately responsible for what they achieve in life. Right off, they are asked some of the following big questions to get themselves focused: How do you define success? Is it getting good grades? Having lots of friends? Making a particular athletic team? Owning your own car? Getting accepted by the college of your choice?

No matter what their vision of success, the exercises in this book will help them achieve it. That's because the personal qualities and skills that make people successful have been the subject of intense study and are quite well known. If they develop and nurture those qualities and skills in themselves, they can be successful at practically anything they set their minds to.

During the teen years, everything in a young person's life can go off the charts—responsibilities, parental expectations, homework, social distractions, and hormone levels. The need to fit in competes with the desire to stand out. Implausible cockiness masks relentless self-doubt. To be cool, teenagers have to be successful on their own terms, but do they really know what that means? Not often.



Primary Subject Area – Life Skills

Ages 12-Young Adults, 140 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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