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Searching for Solace
Dealing with My Father's Suicide

Ilana Greenstein

Searching for Solace: Dealing With My Father’s Suicide is a journal chronicling the year following the death of Ilana’s father. It deals with her emotional reactions to events happening in her life, and her assessment and understanding of those feelings. Through writing about her thoughts and emotions, she was able to heal from this experience and gain a greater understanding of herself.
This remarkable book is far more than a journal. It is a book that can help any adolescent or young adult find a way through his or her own personal tragedy.
Ilana Greenstein recounts her struggle to reconcile this loss, and then goes farther. Through her journal writings, she helps readers sharpen their understandings of their own losses and with a host of thought-provoking questions helps them move to the greater clarity that leads to healing and the same kind of reconciliation Ilana has experienced.

This is a must for any young person who is dealing with such
a loss.

Primary Subject Area – Self Understanding

All Ages, 110 pages, 6 x 9, paperback

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