Build EQ and More with Social-Emotional Learning Activities


Social-Emotional Learning Activities for After-School and Summer Programs


Susanna Palomares

Here are the resources you need to keep kids engaged while helping them develop essential life skills.  With these instantly usable and easy-to-implement activities you’ll create a thoroughly enjoyable experience for you and the children you work with.
In this book you find meaningful ways to integrate art, music, movement, drama, and positive social interaction with valuable life skills and academic learning.

After-school and summer learning programs are the ideal venue for teaching social emotional skills such as caring for others, managing emotions, making wise and thoughtful decisions, developing positive friendships, and avoiding negative behaviors and influences.  Social emotional learning (SEL) skills are important for all students but are especially necessary for at-risk students as a way to help close the achievement gap. 

Research has shown that with direct instruction of social emotional learning experiences academic achievement goes up by 11%, and it works best for the kids who need it most!  The teaching of reading, writing, listening, and the development of speaking skills are all integrated into these engaging SEL activities.

Use the creative activities you find here to enrich your program and develop an environment that allows your children to make the best possible progress in school and in life.

Activities will help your children to:

  • Work collaboratively and considerately with others.
  • Learn important aspects of communicating – listening, speaking, writing,
    and reading.
  • Value and respect individual differences.
  • Manage difficult emotions.
  • Learn refusal and resistance skills.
  • Activate positive esteem and self-awareness.
  • Develop a sense of belonging.

Primary Subject Area – Emotional Intelligence

Grade 2-8, 108 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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