Help Everyone Better Manage Conflict and Confrontation


Taking Charge of Organizational Conflict
A Guide to Managing Anger and Confrontation


David Cowan

Exploring the role of conflict in organizations, this book helps leaders, staff, and the entire organization come to grips with all types of conflict. If a school constitutes an organization, the students as well as the adults in that organization will inevitably find themselves in conflict. Thinking of schools in this way makes more sense than dividing the school organization into adults and children. Conflict is discussed as a necessary result of human interaction, and the key purpose of this program is to assist everyone in effectively, proactively, and productively managing and taking advantage of these inevitable conflict situations.

A self-contained training curriculum around which an entire organizational conflict management program can be built, this book is designed for use as a guide to harnessing and taking advantage of the enormous energy associated with conflict, and is loaded with activities designed to reinforce and build on the understandings developed and to provide plenty of opportunity to practice what has been learned. Activities can be used to facilitate formal training with individuals, in small and large groups, the classroom, or for personal use.

Everything you'll find in Taking Charge is designed to facilitate working with individuals or in an entire staff development effort. The activities are as useful for kids as they are for adults.


Primary Subject Area – Conflict Management

Grade 4 - Adult, 182 pages, 6 x 9, paperback

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