Create Harmony with Teaching the Skills of Conflict Resolution


Teaching The Skills of
Conflict Resolution
Activities and Strategies – Grades K-8


David Cowan, Susanna Palomares, Dianne Schilling

The high-impact activities in this best-selling book focus on the critical skills and awareness necessary to help students learn how to prevent conflict and to successfully manage and resolve conflict when it does occur. You'll have a variety of proven instructional strategies to help you keep kids engaged while developing important conflict management and social skills.  Activities include simulations, role-plays, reproducible experience sheets for students to complete, and a host of engaging small and large group activities and discussions and Sharing Circles.  Your students are learning while participating in these multi-experiential hands-on learning experiences designed to help them understand how their thoughts and feelings affect their behavior and what to do to have more self-control.

You’ll find in this important book relevant and easy-to-use activities designed to help you:

  • Build in students a base of awareness, understanding, and skills required for conflict prevention and resolution.
  • Give students practice using a variety of strategies for managing and resolving conflicts and problems.
  • Create opportunities for students to apply those strategies to real-life problems and conflicts.
  • Encourage students to transfer their learning to the resolution of issues and conflicts in the school, family, community, nation and world.

Teaching the Skills of Conflict Resolution is dedicated to the premise that children can adopt a win/win spirit and can learn to effectively manage and resolve conflicts, and that the pro-social attitudes and social skills required are transferable to every part of their lives for as long as they live.


Primary Subject Area – Conflict Management

Grades K-8, 186 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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