Deepen Self Understanding with Helping Teens Reach Their Dreams


Helping Teens Reach Their Dreams
Activities for Developing the Social-Emotional Skills of School and Life Success


Dianne Schilling & Susanna Palomares

A successful education is more than academic learning. It also inspires young people to develop positive attitudes, to work at understanding and respecting themselves and others, to learn to make sound decisions, to solve simple and complex problems, to develop resilient, renewable motivation and to transform their dreams into goals.

The profound learning activities in this book provide middle and high school students active, meaningful exploration and consideration of invaluable life skills  needed for them to be successful students and fulfilled, contributing adults. 

This book will provide you with are over 60 immediately usable activities and reproducible work sheets designed to help you teach your students:

  • How to develop written goals and learn proven steps for achieving goals
  • The best way to make deliberate, considered decisions
  • How to communicate effectively through verbal and nonverbal  expression
  • How to really listen to others and show them you are doing so
  • What impedes good communication, and what can be done to remedy problems and misunderstandings
  • How to accurately interpret the nonverbal communication and body language of others
  • The most important traits for working cooperatively with others
  • How feelings affect thoughts and behaviors, and how this knowledge can lead to constructive habits of self-control
  • What skills, attributes, and values keep successful people going and how to make them your own

Primary Subject Area – Self Understanding

Grade 7-12, 152 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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