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Are you looking for creative, hands-on, easy to use activity ideas to address the social and emotional learning needs of your students? 

You’ll find books here that will enhance your effectiveness whether you work with groups, individuals, classroom, counseling, after-school, home school or in any other setting.  Also look for the featured book of the month and download free activities.


Social Skills

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Activities for Teaching Social Skills, Self Management & Respectful Living

Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling

These ready-to-use lessons for grades 3 throuh 8 have been created to give you engaging, yet powerful, new tools to use in helping your students lay a solid foundation in developing critical life skills. These carefully crafted activities explore the following areas and many more:
◼ Respecting Self and Others
◼ Expressing Gratitude
◼ Being Responsible and Dependable
◼ Controlling Anger
◼ Overcoming Harmful Peer Pressure
◼ Valuing Differences
This book will be an important addition to you SEL repertoire.

Grades 3-8, 108 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducible activities

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Everybody Wins! 100 Social-Emotional Learning Games That Children Should Play

Terri Akin & Dianne Schilling

Grab the attention of your students with something that’s fun and important to them—games. This enjoyable, eclectic, non-competitive collection of kid-friendly games focuses on a win-win approach while teaching valuable skills of cooperation, inclusion, self-esteem and creativity. Everyone plays, learns, has fun, and no one loses. Written with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, the wide variety of games offers hours of activities. Everything from physical action games to brain games to creating games, and more. If you’re working with kids in any capacity, you need this book.

All ages, 160 pages, 6 x 9, paperback

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Getting Along Social Skills Activities for Middle and High School Students

Dianne Schilling

Scores of concrete, instantly usable activities, role plays, games, simulations and worksheets that teach specific pro- social skills in an enjoyable fashion. These inspiring activities engage students in learning about respect and responsibility, empathy and understanding, and true connectedness between all people. Some of the best activities we have for teaching the real meaning of Getting Along!

Grades 6-12, 128 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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How To Handle A Bully

Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling

This revised and expanded version of How To Handle a Bully teaches students how to deal with bullying in a safe, pro-social manner using highly effective prevention and intervention strategies. Through easy to implement activities, stories, discussions, and reproducibles, bystanders learn how and why to become upstanders, and targets learn the skills and strategies needed to effectively handle bullies.
By changing attitudes, learning new and effective social skills and behaviors and developing listening, friendship and assertiveness skills, all students (Targets, Bullies, Upstanders, and Bystanders) learn practical approaches to banishing bullying behaviors. With an emphasis on social-emotional learning these lessons foster respectful interactions while creating welcoming school and classroom communities for all.

Grades 3-9, 64 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Magic Circle

Gerry Dunne, Ph.D.

With dozens and dozens of engaging Magic Circle activities you can bring even the most reticent child into the wonderful world of oral language expression and social development, all within the safety provided by every circle activity. This is a terrific resource for pre-school and kindergarten, home school and the whole range of early-years learning settings. Every activity is simple to use and perfectly suited for children in this age group.

Early Years (Pre-K/Kindergarten), 134 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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Social Skills Activities for the Elementary Grades

Dianne Schilling & Susanna Palomares

There is no better time to begin imparting to children the vital social skills that will serve them thrpoughout life. There is no better place to learn these skills than in the social interaction that naturally occurs in the elementary school setting. There is no better way to develop these skills than with proper guidance and while interacting with others in structured environments. The activites you'll find here provide just what you need to effectively give children the gift of good social skills.

K-6, 172 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Self Understanding

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All About Me

Susanna Palomares

You and your kids will love these fun, enjoyable, delightfully illustrated ready-to-use worksheets. Eighty-eight separate activity pages involve your students in the development of their own self-concept, confidence, awareness, and resiliency. Organized around recognized building blocks of social-emotional learning; identity, belonging, purpose, and competence, they provide quick, easily implemented experiences in vital issues. Appropriate for use with individuals, small groups and classrooms.

Grades 2-6, 96 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducible activities

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Searching for Solace

Ilana Greenstein

Here is a book you will want every young person who is dealing with the suicide of a parent to have. In her journalling Ilana Greenstein discovered who she was, defined the relationship she had with her father, created a pathway on which to move forward, and engaged in a healing process that has allowed her to view the tragic events of her father's suicide from a healthy perspective. She has given all those who find themselves where she was a wonderful gift of healing and reconciliation. More than just her journal, the book is filled with thought-provoking reflection pages where the reader is invited to view Ilana's journey through the eyes of his or her own personal experience. An amazing story with an amazing impact.

All Ages, 110 pages, 6 x 9, paperback

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The Inside Story

Susanna Palomares

Use this totally reproducible, hands-on journal/workbook to enhance self-understanding, clarify values, develop coping skills, foster positive attitudes, and heighten creativity in your students. You'll find that the thought-provoking questions and pages of striking graphics will encourage students to explore their feelings, thoughts, attitudes, values, doubts and dilemmas and to write about them. A great resource for counselors, teachers and parents! Buy one book and make as many copies of selected pages as you need.

Grades 3-9, 104 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, exercises, reproducibles

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Understanding Me

Dianne Schilling & Gerry Dunne

Teach teens how to handle important life issues and concerns with these easy-to-use, entirely reproducible worksheets.
Understanding Me contains more than 85 relevant activity pages all designed to promote student insight and understanding around significant life skill areas. These relevant activity sheets are also designed to provide suggestions for generating discussion and background for teacher/counselor led presentations.

• Decision-making • Problem-solving • Communication • Listening
• Leadership • Goal setting • Friendship • Careers • Responsibility
• Managing time • Managing conflict • Trust • Justice • Money
• Creativity • Values • Initiative

Packed with meaningful information for teens to learn new ideas, attitudes, behaviors, perspectives, and skills while promoting self-awareness and self-esteem. These flexible worksheets can be used by anyone working with teens – teachers, counselors, youth group and after-school leaders, home-schoolers, and parents.

Grades 7-12, 104 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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Emotional Intelligence

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50 Activities for Teaching Emotional Intelligence

The Best from Innerchoice Publishing

Teach important social and emotional skills with this powerful emotional intelligence curriculum. By involving your students in these engaging activities, they learn how to:

  • Constructively express themselves and control their behaviors
  • Think through the consequences of their actions
  • Learn how to take the perspectives of others and to develop empathy
  • Accept responsibility for their decisions
  • Develop skills for positively managing conflict, anger, and stress

The instructional strategies are appropriate for classroom or counseling groups and include a variety of meaningful large- and small-group activities, lively discussion topics, and reproducible activity sheets. This collection of the most popular and effective social-emotional activities ever offered by Innerchoice Publishing is organized into ten units. They are: • Self-awareness • Managing Feelings • Decision Making • Managing Stress • Personal Responsibility • Self-concept • Empathy • Communications • Group Dynamics • Conflict Resolution

High School, 142 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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After-School Explorations

Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling

Here is a great way to teach and reinforce learnings in the areas of reading, writing, oral language, and listening – all vital areas in the academic spectrum. All this takes place against a background of fun and engaging activities that build important social and emotional learnings such as getting along, managing conflict and anger, heightening self-control, problem solving, and valuing family and community. After-School Explorations is a wonderful resource with which to add to or build the kind of experiences you want for your children.

Ages 5-12, 156 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Guided Discussions for Developing Emotional Intelligence

Susanna Palomares & David Cowan

Sharing Circles are the EQ super-strategy and this book is chock full of them! In what better way can you develop the emotional intelligence of your students than by participation in relevant discussions about things that are important to them? This powerful and versatile instructional strategy is unusually effective as a tool for developing self-awareness, self-control, the ability to understand and manage feelings, empathy, cooperation, responsibility, communication, strategies for managing conflict and stress, and group interaction skills. A must-have addition to your EQ repertoire.

Grades 3-9, 144 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Hearts and Minds

Susanna Palomares, Trish Rowland & Kelly Rowland

Here's a book designed specifically for use with elementary grade, after-school programs. Through a creatively designed curriculum, you have the fun and engaging tools to not only bring life to your program but to build reading literacy in the context of developing social and emotional competencies. The instructional strategies that drive Hearts and Minds are time tested and powerful while being simple to implement. This is an important addition to the core strength of your after-school program.

Grades 3-6, 158 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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Social-Emotional Learning Activities For Middle School

The Best from Innerchoice Publishing

This collection of the most popular and effective activities for middle school offered by Innerchoice Publishing will help students:

  • Recognize how thoughts and feelings affect behavior
  • Identify emotions and how they affect others
  • Regulate and control emotions and behaviors
  • Make positive choices and decisions
  • Identify individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Examine prejudices and biases
  • Learn effective stress management strategies
  • Establish and maintain healthy relationships
  • Take the perspective of others
  • Recognize value in diversity
  • Use effective communication skills
  • Identify and use peaceful conflict management strategies
  • Listen with empathy and understanding
  • And more

Written and designed for clarity and ease of implementation, each activity includes behavioral objectives, step-by-step instructions, and thought-provoking discussion questions formulated to elicit higher-level thinking and reflection in students.
Engage your students in these enjoyable and effective social and emotional learning skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Grade 6-9, 186 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Social-Emotional Learning Activities for After-School and Summer Programs

Susanna Palomares

Use these easy-to-implement, high-interest activities to help your children learn new and effective skills and behaviors for getting along with others and managing their own emotions. Social and emotional skills are fundamental to success in life, and children should be consistently helped to develop them. This rich and ready resource is packed with everything you need to bring these important skills to life with your group of kids. It’s full of stimulating, enjoyable experiences that you can grasp at a glance and use immediately. Activities help children to:
• work collaboratively and considerately with others • learn important aspects of communicating - listening, speaking, writing, and reading • value and respect individual differences • manage difficult emotions • learn refusal and resistance skills • activate positive esteem and self-awareness • develop a sense of belonging.

Grade 2-8, 108 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Social-Emotional Learning Activities for the Elementary Grades

Susanna Palomares

This activity guide is a collection of the most popular and effective social and emotional learning activities offered by Innerchoice Publishing. It provides relevant student friendly activities for classroom and counseling groups. For optimum impact SEL is not a single program or group of activities but a coordinated framework across classrooms, counseling groups, homes, communities and districts, but here is a tool that you can use in dong your part to contribute to this framework.

Grade 2-8, 108 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Supporting SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING with Remote Instruction

Gerry Dunne, Ph.D.

Susanna Palomares, M.Ed.

Social and emotional skills are recognized as vital for improving student academic performance, emotional development, and positive behavior.  Even during this time of distance learning SEL is still important and relationships matter more than ever.  Digital technology is part of our lives, but it doesn’t mean that you have to lose social connection or forgo developing critical SEL skills.

The Sharing Circle process has been used for decades in classrooms and counseling groups to successfully create a sense of community and lay the foundation of a safe, caring learning environment while specifically teaching important social and emotional skills.  This book provides you with 100 fully developed Sharing Circle lessons and extended learning activities designed specifically for remote and hybrid instruction.  These lessons require no pre-planning or preparation on your part and can be integrated easily into your regular instructional program.

In addition to the introductory topics which guide students in expressing their feelings and needs regarding the pandemic the other SEL areas addressed are:

•  Self-awareness   •  Expressing feelings   •  Listening actively   

•  Communicating effectively   •  Relationship skills

•  Friendship building  •  Social awareness   •  Cultural identity

•  Making decisions  •  Solving problems

•  Managing disappointments  •  Resolving conflicts

Grade 4-9, 144 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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The Sharing Circle Handbook

Susanna Palomares, Sandy Schuster, and Cheryl Watkins

Today, more than ever, all students need a safe place to share their feelings and concerns with supportive peers and an attentive, caring adult. This unique, easy to implement, and highly-effective discussion process, based on years of experience in teaching and leading discussion groups worldwide, provides you with a proven and highly acclaimed way to reach young people of all ages. Through participation in Sharing Circles, you'll help your students to get to know who they are, how they function, how they relate to others, and to learn to believe in themselves. Most importantly, it provides the safety net of social bonding with others – perhaps the most important link to violence prevention, safe schools, and the development of emotional intelligence. Connect with all your students through this simple yet profound process.

Grades K-12, 182 pages, 6 x 9, paperback

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Life Skills

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101 Life Skills Discussions

David Cowan & Susanna Palomares

Here is a collection of powerful, small-group discussion activities called Sharing Circles. This proven interactive process will bring focus to vital life skills in the following areas:

• Self-Awarenss • Feelings and Wellness • Relating to Others • Learning and Creativity • Decision Making and Problem Solving • Acting Assertively.

With specific discussion topics at hand you can tailor the conversations you have with students to optimize learning and to make the greatest impact as an education professional. The book also provides the teacher and/or counselor with detailed background information and a solid theory base, plus comprehensive instructions in the Sharing Circle process.

Grades 4–12, 132 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Helping Teens Reach Their Dreams

Dianne Schilling & Susanna Palomares

You'll find over 70 high-interest activities, discussions, role plays, simulations, and reproducible handouts that develop in students self-motivation, positive attitudes, effective communication skills, decision-making, problem-solving and planning skills, reasonable self-expectations and a personal vision. This book helps you demonstrate to your students, through enjoyable activities, that the gap between dreams and accomplishments is filled, not with luck and more dreaming, but with planning and action. Teach your students how to develop written goals, make deliberate, considered decisions, communicate effectively, create step-by-step plans of action, motivate themselves, understand and effectively use self-talk and affirmations to control their attitudes.

Grade 7-12, 152 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Life Skills and Success Tips, A Teen Handbook

David Cowan & Dianne Schilling

This straightforward, delightfully illustrated, fully reproducible handbook gets teenagers to stop and focus on their own development. Enjoyable activities ask them to look at who they are, what they want to be (and be like), their dreams, aspirations and interests. It encourages them to take stock of their own “developmental assets,” observe other people to find out what works and doesn’t work in life, and learn important intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Activity sheets cover these vital areas:
• Knowing Yourself, Counting Your Assets
• Understanding Your Emotions • Building Health and Fitness
• Communicating Effectively • Controlling Self-Talk
• Being a Great Friend • Setting and Achieving Goals
• Getting Involved in the Community
• Making Decisions and Solving Problems • Managing Conflict
• Being Assertive (Self-Determination) • Taking Leadership Roles

Grade 7-12, 152 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Preparing Students for Success and Leadership in College and Careers

Susanna Palomares, Dianne Schilling & David Cowan

This timely and practical curriculum guide is designed to help students develop the skills and attributes needed to be successful in high school, college, and later in adulthood – at work, at home, and in the community. A complete, relevant, and up-to-date life skills and leadership program, Preparing Students for Success and Leadership in College and Careers, guides students in learning to set goals, build career futures, work collaboratively and improve inter-personal skills.

All Ages, 272 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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Preparing Teens For The Contemporary Workforce

Dianne Schilling, Pat Schwallie-Giddis, W. James Giddis

This fully reproducible activity book is a timely guide to foster vital employability skills and to give students an awareness of the relationship between education and the skills required for success in the workplace.  Easy to use, with language , layout and graphics that guarantee student use and comprehension,  Students come to see how these employability skills apply to their lives now and to identify exactly what they can do to improve in these important areas.  The reproducible activity sheets for students target vital job-finding and job-keeping skills.  Also includes unique handouts for workplace mentors that provide valuable tips for working with youth.

Grades 7-12, 170 pages, 8-1/2x11, paperback, reproducibles

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Conflict Management

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Anger and Conflict Management: Leaders Guide

Gerry Dunne, Ph.D.

Make an impact on your people whether teens or adults! Directions for a ten-hour class in five, two-hour sessions for teens and/or adults are provided in detail in this guide for leaders. Geared to the Anger and Conflict Management: Personal Handbook, the Leader’s Guide offers numerous experiential activities to create a safe, yet lively, class. Explains how to help participants gain maximum benefits from their Personal Handbooks.

Adult, 64 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Anger and Conflict Management: Personal Handbook

Gerry Dunne, Ph.D.

Loaded with engaging content elements, participants are given ideas, information and space for reactions while learning lots of strategies — intelligent things to say and do when a conflict occurs or is about to occur. Along with the Leader's Guide, the Personal Handbook gives you a complete program for addressing the real-life issues associated with anger and conflict. You can now help both teens and adults learn to be assertive and channel anger into productive responses; learn to respect self and others; learn effective interpersonal skills and self-control.

Teens/Adults, 96 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Anger and Conflict Management: Personal Handbook 10-pack

Gerry Dunne, Ph.D.

Enjoy the savings from buying this Personal Handbook 10-Pack.

Teens/Adults, 96 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Anger Control and Conflict Management for Kids

Susanna Palomares & Terri Akin

Being in control of anger and able to manage conflict are vital skills we all need to successfully navigate our ways through life. This is becasue both anger and conflict are natural events in life. This is a powerful tool to use with kids just as they are in the most opportune times of their lives to develop these learnings. Give your students these skills with engaging, fun, and impactful activities and experiences.

Grades K-6, 134 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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Conflict Resolution Skills for Teens

David Cowan, Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling

Being in control of anger and able to manage conflict are vital skills we all need to successfully navigate our ways through life. This is becasue both anger and conflict are natural events in life. This is a powerful tool to use with kids just as they are in the most opportune times of their lives to develop these learnings. Give your students these skills with engaging, fun, and impactful activities and experiences.

Grades 7-12, 160 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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Self Control and Anger Management Lessons for Middle and High School Students

Teach your students how to manage their own behaviors with these engaging lessons. The age-appropriate activities come right to the point – teaching the specific skills and strategies teens need to gain self control and manage their anger. Offering developmentally appropriate experiences and reproducible student materials, these 20 lessons help your students to understand the power of their thoughts and emotions while learning the skills to gain positive personal power!

Grades 6-12, 162 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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Taking Charge of Organizational Conflict

David Cowan

This powerful book offers specific and dynamic approaches that show how to: handle difficult encounters skillfully, diffuse and contain confrontations, and train staff to prevent and productively resolve conflicts. It is written to use as a personal resource or as a training guide. A must for every educational leader who is concerned about enhancing group interaction.

Grade 4 - Adult, 182 pages, 6 x 9, paperback

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Teaching The Skills of Conflict Resolution

David Cowan, Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling

Our best-selling conflict management activity book is a must have for anyone working with elementary/middle school students today. These prevention-oriented activities and strategies will help you reduce conflict through the creation of a more peaceful, cooperative environment and be able to use win-win strategies to resolve conflicts when they do occur. Seven thematic units provide over 70 enriching activities (many with reproducible handouts). All activities include discussion questions designed to promote awareness and higher level thinking.

Grade K-8, 186 pages, 68-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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Caring and Capable Kids

Linda Williams, Dianne Schilling & Susanna Palomares

This award-winning activity book provides you with a wealth of creative ideas for helping your children develop empathy and compassion, recognize the real-life consequences of acts of violence, deal effectively with anger, communicate clearly, resist negative peer pressure, and exercise sound judgment and self-discipline when confronted with tough decisions. You'll find creative and energizing activities, individual worksheets, stories, songs, and stimulating discussion questions. A wealth of ideas for engaging students’ minds and touching their emotions.

For songs and music please visit us on

Grades K-8, 202 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Guided Discussions for Developing Character

Susanna Palomares & David Cowan

What better way to develop character in your students than by involving them in relevant discussions about ethics and moral reasoning? Sharing Circles are the character development super-strategy, and this book is filled with this powerful and versatile tool. Help students learn the value of virtue and how to develop and draw on inner reserves of moral conviction. Inspiring topics cover such areas as:

• empathy • respect • open-mindedness • fairness
• generosity • forgiveness • perseverance • responsibility
• trustworthiness• honesty • citizenship • positive attitude
• courage

Grades 3-8, 128 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Helping Kids Make Wise Choices and Reduce Risky Behavior

Terri Akin, Gerry Dunne & Dianne Schilling

Kids make choices daily and in many different ways—freely, wisely, impulsively. Occasionally a poor choice leads to a good outcome, but as anyone who has suffered the consequences of a foolish mistake can attest, good outcomes usually come from wise, thoughtful decision making. Focusing on key ingredients like self-esteem and personal strength, the authors provide essential health and safety information while teaching vital decision-making skills. Activities are fun and engaging, yet packed with important information and skill practice. Topic areas include: Self-Esteem, Decision Making and Problem Solving, Assertiveness, OTC Drugs, Smoking & Marijuana, Stress Management, Peer and Gang Pressure, Media Influences, Resistance and Refusal Skills, Anger Management, Role Models & Support Systems, Health and Safety.

Grade 5-9, 181 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Virtues, Values, and the Very Best You

Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling

Use these impactful activities to develop the skills of positive character in your students. Closely aligned with social and emotional learning, the universal values promoted in this book are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, justice and fairness, caring, and citizenship. You'll find easy and fun ways to teach your children the important attributes required to be contributing, successful, and cooperative members of school, home, and society.

Grade 3-9, 154 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Activities for Counseling Underachievers

Jeanne C. Bleuer, Susanna Palomares & Garry Walz

Help your students learn that they can be in charge of their own achievement by giving them the awareness and tools to do so. In addition to enriching learning lessons, you’ll find particular value in the Achievement Potential Survey, a self-assessment that has each student identify the perceptions, abilities, and behaviors that are contributing to their underachievement.

You’ll receive complete instruction for how to help your underachievers develop an action plan based on their unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Help these students identify, learn from, and build on their assets, barriers, and concerns as they learn how to manage each so that they’re experiencing high levels of achievement and success.

Grades 5-12, 120 pages, 6 x 9, paperback

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Counselor in the Classroom

Pat Schwallie-Giddis, David Cowan & Dianne Schilling

You’ll love this exciting, up-to-the-minute approach to school counseling! Packed with instantly usable activities to help you increase your value as a counselor by working cooperatively with teachers to provide guidance activities and instruction—right in the classroom. Take it from these experienced and highly respected educators—it’s time to expand your horizons! Each activity is a stimulating 30-50 minute lesson. Many include reproducibles to leave with the teacher when you go.

Grades K-6, 178 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Group Activities for Counselors

Sally Elliot

This is an essential guidebook for group counseling. Packed with easy-to-implement activities, practical information on group dynamics and everything you need to do before, during, and after each counseling group - how to gain support, how to establish purpose and recruit students who will benefit, knowing the right amount of structure to provide, establishing and enforcing appropriate rules, and more. Group Activities for Counselors includes more than 100 group sessions and 80 reproducible handouts covering topics such as self-concept, friendship, divorce, death, communication, resolving conflicts, racial issues, sexual harassment, problem solving, study skills, and more. Created for use in grades 4-12, the activities in this book utilize a variety of strategies to encourage students to explore and share their feelings, ideas, experiences , and insights. These group activities are designed to strengthen the closeness and synergy that develops as a group coalesces, at the same time offering you the convenience of being able to select relevant group activities at your discretion.

Grades 4-12, 188 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Group Activities for Kids Who Hurt

Sally Jo Blair

Based on years of working with children who were suffering from the pain of loss, trauma, and transition has resulted in this caring and insightful resource. It gives you highly effective and usable tools to help kids in grades 3 through 8 successfully deal with painful issues. Here are group experiences that not only ease the pain, but help develop resiliency and lifeskills necessary to cope with these situations as they arise in life. These activities and experiences allow children to find the learnings that dwell in every painful event. Most of all, however, this book gives you what you need to reduce the suffering and move the healing process forward.

Grades 3-8, 104 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducible

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Helping Kids Manage Grief, Fear and Anger

Terri Akin, David Cowan, Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling

Too often children are left vulnerable to thes potentially debilitating emotions. In this book you'll find effective experiences for helping children understand and cope with these three intense emotions which, left unmanaged, can lead to deep psychological disturbances and/or inappropriate acting-out behaviors. With this collection of activities and ready-to-use blackline masters, you can help children explore, understand and express their feelings in safe and acceptable ways. Special emphasis is placed on learning to make positive behavioral choices in response to feelings of grief, fear, and anger. This easy-to-use, yet powerful collection of experiences and information can have far ranging beneficial effects—both as an effective prevention program and a tool for immediate intervention.

Grade 3-8, 116 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Less Stress = More Success for Grades 3-6

Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling

Before children even have a name for it, stress has become a part of their life experience. With all its dynamics stress has an important place in every life. It is only when stress interferes with the life of a youngster that it begins to diminish that life experience. School is a place where stress can and often does interfere with a child's ability to perform. School then becomes one of the very best places to teach children how to cope with and mange stress so that its important role as an indicator of things in life that need attention isn't lost in its potential for reducing effectiveness and compromising happiness. This book is an important tool to teach stress management and to introduce relaxation as one of the very best stress management strategies. Learnings developed in the elementary grades become a part of each child's skill set as they move forward through life.

Grades 3–6, 126 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Less Stress = More Success for Grades 6-12

Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling

This timely book provides concrete and useful strategies to help students get in touch with the effects of stress in their lives, and more importantly, helps students learn what they can do about it.

Stress has an enormous impact on the ability of students to learn. The body’s defense system is built for short-term physical stressors, not long-term psychological and emotional stress, which can lead to health problems, memory loss, severe learning difficulties, and angry outbursts. Less Student Stress, More School Success includes meaningful activities and impactful student “experience sheets” designed to help students understand what causes stress, identify sources of personal stress, and learn strategies for managing stress. Activities cover relaxation techniques; the roles of nutrition and exercise; success strategies such as goal setting, time management; and positive self-talk; and tips for dealing with anger, worry, and high-stakes testing. The relevant introduction covers current learning theory and brain science basics.

Grades 6-12, 174 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Reaching Out to Immigrant Parents

Cristina Casanova

This timely book provides you with specific guidance, tips and recommendations for helping immigrant parents participate actively in their children’s education and in the life of the school. When handled with knowledge and effectiveness, dealing with non-native parents can be a rewarding and beneficial experience. This book provides all the essentials. Learn how to:
• Communicate effectively with immigrant parents
• Inform parents of your school’s expectations
• Educate parents regarding the role of the school counselor and how the counselor can serve their particular needs
• Understand different cultures, customs and values, and how to put that knowledge to use
• Find and utilize a cultural broker
• Educate parents to routines and experiences at home that will help their children succeed in school
• Create counseling outreach or enhance other outreach programs
• Teach parents how to give positive feedback and validation, and help their children with social skills.

Grades K-12, 100 pages, 6 x 9, paperback

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Studying, Test Taking, and Getting Good Grades

Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling

It has often been said, and wisely so, that the most important thing students can learn in school is how to learn. Knowing how to learn ranks right up there with reading as fundamental to academic and career success. Without learning skills, the riches of math, science, civics and social studies can never be fully tapped.

Studying, Test Taking, and Getting Good Grades falls solidly within the “how to learn” category. Borrowing broadly from a variety of disciplines, it goes beyond basic study skills to address motivation, personal responsibility, diet, exercise, the brain, and numerous other topics. It does not belong to a specific academic “content area,” yet applies to all content areas.

The book is comprised of 11 units. Each unit is a separate entity capable of standing alone. Generally, each page is also independently designed, with one concept, quiz, or activity per page. If you have a specific concept you want to address, you may duplicate and distribute individual pages to the students. However, for greatest impact, either present the book in its entirety and encourage students to complete the activities in sequence, or, if you have limited copies, duplicate and assign the units in sequence.

The material in this book can be used in a variety of settings, from school to home, and with a single student or in small to large groups. Because of the nature of the content, and because the students are encouraged to personalize much of the material, the book will benefit low- and high-achievers as well as “mainstream” students.

Grades 5-12, 122 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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The Crisis Counseling Guidebook

Carol Clarke & Virginia Vanderway

Are you ready for a crisis when it happens? You'll find a crisis toolkit in this book that will allow you to manage and begin repairing the damage that crisis events bring with them.

You'll find guidelines and tips on providing psychological first aid, reproducibles that tell parents how they can help when their child is in crisis, guidelines for group discussions related to a school crisis and immediate classroom intervention activities. It's easy to overlook things when crisis occurs. Here you'll find the details that need to be addressed and ways of doing so.

Specific crisis situations are examined and include:
• Death and loss
• Natural Disasters
• Suicide
• Deploying for war
• Violence and gang disturbances
• Kidnapping/abduction
• Terrorist and hostage situations

All Ages, 120 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Parent Involvement

Cathrine Kellison McLaughlin

Here are more than 185 pages of ideas, activities, strategies, and reproducibles to create an effective parent involvement program or enhance an existing program! This concise and easy-to-use guidebook makes reaching out to parents exciting and effective. It provides strategies for tearing down the barriers to parent involvement while highlighting the many benefits of participation. This book is a comprehensive guide to building and maintaining an active core of committed parents who support the mission and policies of the school, work closely with teachers, help constructively with homework, set learning goals for themselves as well as their children, and share their skills with other parents. Learn how to involve parents effectively and how to keep them involved Pre-K through Grade 12.

Grades Pre-K-12, 184 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback

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Top 10 Topics for School Counselors

Roxanne Zusmer

Both new and experienced school counselors will find this exceptional handbook to be a valuable resource that addresses the important and challenging situations they confront everyday. Top 10 Topics will also prove valuable to counselor educators who train graduate students to do group-work.

This book is filled with reproducible activities, in-depth discussion questions, sample dialogue, parental permission letters, and background information. These clearly written activities can be used in large- and small-group settings, and they do not require the purchase of additional materials.

You’ll have at your fingertips information and engaging activities on the following topics:

  • Diversity and tolerance
  • Transition, mobility, and adjustment to social, economic, and cultural changes
  • Bully behaviors
  • Harassment and conflict among students
  • Children of Divorce
  • Grief and loss
  • Self-awareness
  • Peer relationships and friendship skills
  • Communication skills
  • Goal setting and organizational skills

Grades 3-8, 194 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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Treasure Chest of Group Activities

Susanna Palomares, Dianne Schilling & Cathy Winch

The title of this program is a strong indication of the valuable “treasures” enclosed within the 300+ content pages! This collection of group activities reproducible student pages is designed to help you develop within your students vital social and life skills practical and fun way. Treasure Chest comprises group activities, covering these vital areas:
• Life Skills —
• Learning Strategies —
• Health and Wellness —
• Emotional Intelligence —
• Diversity —
• Conflict Management —
• Character —
• Careers —
Activities can be tailored to suit the ages, ability levels, cultural/ethnic backgrounds and interests of the students.

Grades 3-8, 324 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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Home Schooling

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Home Schooling Activities For Teaching Social-Emotional Learning and Reading Literacy

Susanna Palomares & Patricia Rowland

Make your home school activities enjoyable experiences for you and your child or children. This engaging book of stories, activities, and guided discussions (Sharing Circles) provides a wealth of fun, easy-to-use home schooling resources. Aimed at parents who want to involve their children in inviting experiences while teaching important life skills, this book enhances the social, emotional, and language abilities of all children, whether regular, gifted, or special needs while involving them in meaningful learning opportunities.
Social development is a big part of growing up, and the inspiring learning experiences provided in this book focus on developing skills in these important areas:

  • Respect
  • Tolerance
  • Responsibility
  • Kindness
  • Service to Others
  • Self-Control
  • Wise Decision Making

This is a perfect resource for busy home-schooling families. Use these valuable life-skill and reading activities to help your kids learn important life lessons while strengthening your family values and priorities.

Ages 7-14, 152 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, reproducibles

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